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Adopt a liberal / Adopt a conservative

AKA Adopt a liberal / Adopt a conservative

Simply because I need something to do to engage my mind this Christmas break since I won't allow myself (and my wife won't allow me) to buy Starcraft again.

Hey I got an idea.

Liberals pick a book: any book, which Liberals feel most strongly represents Liberal's political views.

Conservatives pick a book: any book, which Conservativesfeel most strongly
represents Conservative's political views.

Conservatives buy the liberal book, and liberal's buy conservatives book. If you have read neither book, you will probably need to buy bott.

Both Conservatives and Liberals read a chapter of each, and then we all report on what we think.
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does the bible count *LOL* just kidding...
King James version, cover to cover--on my mission.
wow now you have your own web entries yet...
just wanted the memebrship for one time i chatted with aover a hundred people, but i abandoned that after i got married had kids and had no time *LOL*
Is the bible a read for the liberal or conservative side?
I don't know :)

I got into the whole religion thing, and mentioned I was an atheist in the other chat board, so mondomojo1969, a relgious conservative, suggested the bible.

(I laid out the same "tired argument" recinutah, you have heard it all before....the conection with conservatives and religion, etc...Chat board (toward bottom):

Can I use your real last name? With me, you will always be identified by your last name since our mission....
[recinutah and I both served in the Arizona Phoeniz mission as Mormon missionaries together...although he does not remember who I am : ( ]



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If I don't consider myself to be either conservative or liberal, can I still play?

The hard part is coming up with books to read. Do I pick from either side or try to find books with no political slant?
Hey can I use your real name?

I think you can be independent to play, although you seem to lean conservative like my new conservative friends here....

I think we are looking for books with a bit of political slant...

I don't know, people are still coming, this web blog just started, so the guidelines are yet to be formed--your input is welcome....on all subjects...

Can you invite your friend mike to come if he is interested recinutah?
Sure, my real name is okay. I guess we'll just have to start reading books to feel this thing out.
You're both from Phoenix? As I said on AZPlace, my good friend recently left the LDS. Apparently, Steve Benson is a leader of the "Underground Railroad" for Mormon Emigrants.
Wow, Steve Benson, the cartoonist, relative of the late prophet Benson? I will be damn, I read about him years ago (Mormon church is small indeed).

We are not from Phoenix, only lived there 2 years on our missions:

I was in Glendale, Buckeye, Central and South Phoenix and Heber. '92-'94

Hate that damn city too hot.

How do you know the infamous Steve Benson?
You said he "recently" left the church, but I thought he left years and years ago...(I guess he was on his way out, it takes time to leave--no one wakes up one day and says I am no longer Mormon)

He could probably write a book on his life and make some money on it...his story is very well known (or at least it was in the early '90s--very infamous in Mormon circles) within mormonism...

Neocon, how about making a new post with suggested conservative slanted books?
I'm afraid I didn't clarify: my friend recently left. He met Steve Benson at a meeting of other LDS emigrants. Steve Benson has been out for years and advises recent emigrants. I've never met him, since I'm a pagan Catholic.
Give your friend this link, it is incredibly hard to leave, he may need support...I wish I had support when I left....

Tell him ignore the original post (and the political comments in the middle), which have nothing to do with Mormonism. The thread has two girls who are leaving or have left the church, which he can talk to, plus in the thread we mention some really interesting links which may help him...
Damn the other chat board format sucks, come to find out, you had already answered my post two days ago, I just didn't see it until today....

Ignore my request for you to answer, I just cut and pasted your response to my letter.

As you mentioned before,
I find it interesting that Democrats and liberal sites NEVER mention that Bush's spending on education has increased phenominally, instead they knock how Bush completly fund No Child Left Behind.

It is disingenious but unfortunatly common.

I agree:
"The Patriot Act I don't think was local activists, just public support."

"Trav, you have to admit that talking with ideological opponents is much better than yacking it up with hundreds of people of the same persuasion."

Yeah, I agree, except the problem is most Americans don't see American foreign politics the way I do, although my domestic social views are pretty leftist mainstream.

Hey neocon, can you make a new post on this page with some suggested conservative books? Your favorites. You may have to decide for everyone which book to read...depends on who we attract to this posting....
I'll think of a few more by tomorrow and put them down.



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"Underground Railroad" for Mormon Emigrants
that is clever--funny
I always say that I am a "recovering mormon" LOL
Greetings everyone, I am not a "Recovering Mormon" as Mr. Bailey likes to put it. I am one of them marmons that likes to call "Recovering Mormons" to repentance and talk of the fire and brimstone that awaits them... LOL... Actually, I used to live in Phoenix during the the late 80s when Gov. Mecham was topping the headlines, Boy what a great man he was ... yeah right, actually, he was quite a schmuck. Anyway, Benson had a lot to say about Mecham being LDS, and like to bad mouth the church in his Fish Wrap The Arizona Repulsive... So, if he didn't leave the church 20 years ago, he sure wasn't doing anything to strengthen his testitmony if you know what I mean... Anyway, I thought of a good book, it is called "I Might be Wrong, But I Doubt It" By Charles Barkley. He is a former NBA player, but it actually has more about politics than sports in it. Pretty fun book... But I'm sure Sir Charles will get quite the Key Lashing from some of my Lib friends... I was going to drop in a Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, or Ann Kolter Book in, but then I knew I'd get blow to smithereens... ;)
Anyway, Bailey has been trying to get me to read Zinn's "America's History", and I'm still taking small chunks out of it from time to time, But I'll try harder. One of the things I dislike about it is the obvious Liberal Slant. I struggle to buy anyones opinion, lib or con when they are so strongly skewed one way or the other. So, let's get ready to rumble!

hey brent :)


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Re: hey brent :)


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vote please


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It is me Kerrysucks! Some bast%$#@$ has my name so I have changed mine to ndkicksace (Notre Dame kicks..... ACE)
My son needs the computer and I need a computer break... Nice to see you here....
How about "Stolen Valor"? Larry Elder's book "The Ten Things you can't Say in America", Ann Coulter's "How to talk to a Liberal", Laura Ingrhams, "Shut Up and Sing", "Biased" by Bernard Goldberg?
If you really want to read something great we can read Notre Dame's greatest coaches! LOL!
okay, I will compile all of the choices tommorow and we can "vote" friday.....okay?
thanks for suggestions...
Did I hear that the NAACP is actually sueing public institutions for having Christmas decorations up during the holidays, something about separation of Church and State? And I thought I was a grinch.
I dont really care about that kinda stuff. Like prayer in school, gay marriage, ten comandment displays, and abortion, kinda a non-issue to me...

I wish the ACLU would focus only on free speech issues, or have a special branch seperate from the ACLU, with a different name, that focuses on the church and state issues only, seperate. If I were president of ACLU I would do that. I think a lot more people would support the ACLU then.

If I wanted to stay in the states as a lawyer I would work for them, and stick it to the government. I think the ACLU has done some wonderful things, although I dont support or care about a lot of the issues they get involved in...
oops, I guess I did meen ACLU instead of NAACP, I sometimes get those super lib orgs confused. But you are right, WHO CARES!!! Spend time and money on things that help our society instead of just trying to find new ways of pissing people off and dividing us further against each other. I guess everyone is looking for a pay check and/or attention. Thanks ACLU for fighting for my rights!!!

Re: maybe...ACLU


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