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The perfect nemesis for Zinn's book

I just found this book review on
The book is titled a Patriots History of the United States....I realize that history is only as authors write; but this would be fascinating to discuss both books chapter by chapter. This books argues about interpretations of the Columbian Era; the Jackson Era; Slavery; Robber Barons; Great Depression and WWII; Cold War and of course, Reagan.
This will be fun indeed, folks.

Anyway,Trav et al., I'll be in Tucson all next week in the field. I'll comment on Chapter 2 this weekend.....but I'm afraid I'll have to wait to talk about Chapter 3 of both books.

I hope Kerrysucks (I keep forgetting her new name here) and her family are alright after the mudslidesand evacuations in California. Let's hope she's fine through all this.
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